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McLean Citizens Association
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Representing the Interests of McLean Area Residents For Over a Century

          The McLean Citizens Association (MCA) is a volunteer, non-governmental organization that has served since 1914
          as an unofficial town council for the residents of the McLean Area, which has no governmental structure of its own.
          MCA has provided a forum for McLean area residents to have a voice in resolving community problems and
          county-wide issues affecting the area.

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MCA News

MCA Views on County Zoning Change for Senior Living Facilities
Published on: 12/1/2018
The MCA has adopted a resolution that conditionally supports the County's zoning ordinance amendment. We recognize the need for more senior housing and related facilities in an aging county but also insist on rules that reasonably protect the character of low-density residential neighborhoods.
MCA Resolution Recommends Improvements to Balls Hill Rd & Old Dominion Dr Intersection
Published on: 8/15/2018
Following FCDOT Presentation of alternatives, MCA Resolution recommends improvements to Balls Hill Rd & Old Dominion Dr intersection.

Transportation News

MWCOG Announces Highlights for 2018
Published on: 1/7/2019
MWCOG, the regional association of governments for the Nation's Capital Region, has issued its 2018 annual report & accompanying video.

Planning & Zoning News

McLean CBC Study Continues into 2019
Published on: 1/3/2019
The citizen task force studying proposed changes to the 20-year-old Comp Plan for the McLean CBC continues its work into 2019.
FCC Adopts New Rules on Wireless Facilities - Removes State & Local Roadblocks
Published on: 9/27/2018
On 9/26/18, the FCC adopted new rules that will streamline & limit local review of applications to construct small cells for 5G wireless technology and to restrict excessive fees imposed by state and local governments.

The Commission's news release is posted on the P&Z website. Click the yellow folder Planning & Zoning Committee; then Public Documents. The news release is posted there.

The FCC's declaratory ruling is available at
FCC to Streamline Approval for 5G Small Cells
Published on: 9/6/2018
The FCC's September 2018 Open Meeting will likely revise its rules in a manner that will streamline the local zoning approval process for small cells needed to provide 5G technology & services.

Public Safety News

Fairfax Police Issue the 2017 McLean District Station Annual Report
Published on: 7/3/2018
This report specifically represents the McLean District Station Calls for Service during calendar year 2017, whether generated by citizen calls or self-initiation on the part of the Officer. There are three main categories on Calls for Service: Criminal, Service, and Traffic.

Tysons News

Fire and Rescue Department Brief for GTCC and MCA Committees
Published on: 12/12/2018
Fairfax County's Fire and Rescue Department briefed the Greater Tysons Citizens Coalition and members of MCA's committees on Fire and EMS services in the greater McLean area and Tysons.

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