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Published on 11/2/2023

support another local civic group and to get more plugged into issues that might affect Pimmit Hills. 

In late 2021, Darren Ewing introduced himself to me. Darren had spent several years on the MCA Board and he spoke about the MCA glowingly. His advice was to understand how the MCA works and to mimic that as closely as possible. He was spot on.

The issue that drove me to join the MCA board was the now moot community governance issue. Monroe, the town where I grew up, had always been a village (similar to a town here). But in the 90's, it set its sights on becoming a city, with the ultimate goal of attaining self-control of its schools. It was successful. If such a movement was happening in McLean, I wanted to keep a close eye on it because I've seen such efforts succeed, I wanted to be deeply informed, and because it was very unclear how it might affect Pimmit Hills. 

I’m now serving on the Transportation Committee. There are a number of transportation issues that affect Pimmit Hills (to put it mildly). 

I have grown to appreciate not just what the MCA does, but how it does it. Process matters and MCA has mastered the process. The community needs active and robust organizations -- with real staying power! -- that can consistently voice the concerns of the community. 

I encourage prospective members to support MCA so it can continue its work into the future. Community support, via memberships and participation, are the grease that allow the MCA's gears to turn, and to mesh, and to power the organization forward.