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Why Join MCA?

The most efficient way to keep up with developments affecting McLean area residents

Really, really busy?  Your MCA membership is the most efficient way to keep up with local issues that affect you, and to make sure your priorities are communicated effectively to Fairfax County and other government officials. 

MCA's volunteer experts track what's coming down the pike and dig into the details of what's happening (and about to happen!) in Tysons, re-zoning proposals in the McLean Central Business District  and throughout the Greater McLean area, Fairfax County Public Schools issues, property and other local taxes, Fairfax County Pension reform and budget proposals, and the list goes on.

MCA Members get curated news focused on things that affect residents in our corner of this very large and diverse County, access to detailed, independent issue research, and the opportunity to connect with knowledgeable MCA volunteers and neighbors who share your concerns.    

A ready-made platform for advocacy

Do you want to make a difference? Advance a proposal or advocate for or against a policy or a proposal being considered by local government?  MCA provides a ready forum for residents to work with others in the community to shape recommendations that reflect common McLean-area interests and values. MCAs reputation for sound, non-partisan analysis of issues and effective advocacy means that elected officials pay attention to these recommendations.  All MCA Members are eligible to join our Committees, where our Resolutions and other recommendations are hammered out. 

The Voice of McLean--turn up the volume!

McLean and the surrounding neighborhoods are a small community in a very large County. We have issues and interests that are not the same as everywhere in the county--things like Tysons development, Legion Bridge traffic, a relatively "mature" demographic, and an appreciation for small-town values.  

Even--or perhaps especially--those of our Members who for various reasons cannot get actively involved in MCA issue advocacy or take advantage of opportunities the MCA offers to learn about issues affecting the community appreciate that the MCA "has their back." They know that the greater McLean community is better off because MCA is watching out for their interests. MCA membership is their way of letting elected leaders know that MCA represents them, and of turning up the volume of the Voice of McLean.