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MCA Calls for Senate Bill 304 to be Amended or Opposed

Published on 1/19/2024

(as these units are called in Fairfax County) that the MCA views as important.  Particularly, the Bill as introduced would prohibit localities from requiring (as in Fairfax County) that either the principal dwelling unit or the accessory unit must be owner-occupied.


On January 19, a response was received from Senator Salim’s legislative assistant, thanking the MCA for commenting, and informing us that an amended Bill will be introduced in Committee which will allow localities to require owner occupancy of one of the two dwelling units.

To read MCA's letter click here - 
2024-01-19 Letter Opposing Bill 304 - Accessory Dwelling Units

To read introduced bill click here - 
Senate Bill 304 - Patron Salim - Introduced January 2024