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New Format for MCA Resolutions

Robert Perito | Published on 1/14/2024

If MCA dropped the usual elements of a resolution, Whereas and Resolved clauses, MCA documents lose their distinctive character. MCA would also forgo the opportunity to show that it is more than just another civic organization putting out a position paper. Documents in the new format will be quickly recognizable as an MCA resolutions,  but will also be concise and easy to read.


The proposed changes in MCA resolution format are as follows:

  • Executive Summary: Below the title, the first item will be an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY . It will include a concise description of the issue/project followed by a statement of the position taken by MCA’s Board of Directors. The summary will not exceed two paragraphs.


  • Background: The word BACKGROUND will appear at the beginning of the text of the resolution. The information provided in the Background will be divided into sections based on topics and presented in standard paragraphs.


  • Each section of the BACKGROUND will be headed by a subtitle stating the section’s subject. The first section will provide the basic facts about the project/issue. Following sections will provide information about important issues that are relevant to the decision taken by MCA.


  • Whereas and Resolved: The new format will retain the words Whereas and Resolved that usually appear in resolutions. The word ‘Whereas’ will only appear at the beginning of the first sentence in each subsection of the resolution below the header for the subsection.


  • The word RESOLVED will head the final portion of the resolution. The first paragraph of the RESOLVED section will begin with the words, “Therefore, be it resolved that the McLean Citizens Association.” If MCA’s decision includes “conditions,” these will be listed in separate numbered paragraphs followed by a period.


  • Length: Resolutions must be limited to no more than 5 pages unless the resolution deals with unusually complex issues.

In order to make these changes, the MCA Board of Directors adopted revisions to the relevant sections of the MCA Policies and Procedures Manual at its monthly meeting on January 3, 2024. The changes will be effectively immediately, giving MCA resolutions a new look for 2024.