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Linda A Walsh | Published on 3/2/2023

I joined MCA to participate in and contribute to the robust discussions and debate centered on Mclean that have been a hallmark of the MCA for over 100 years. I have been a member of the Planning & Zoning, Transportation and Budget & Taxation committees. For the Budget & Taxation Committee, issues that I have worked on include the Mclean Community Center and WMATA budgets. My community directly benefits from actions taken by the MCA.  I live on Lewinsville Road and the MCA has been working with local officials to address problematic traffic intersections on Lewinsville Road, which directly impacts me and my family.

What do you like most about MCA/advice for potential members who are considering joining MCA?

I enjoy the robust debate that accompanies all MCA meetings and my advice to potential members that are considering joining MCA is to join a committee that is dedicated to the area that the member cares deeply about, and fully engage with the group, because the works that comes out of those committees truly makes a difference to Mclean.