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Linda A Walsh | Published on 9/10/2023

Currently I, with the help of Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and other youth volunteers, run two “Science Day” hands on events for a DC school.

               I have worked for the National Park Service, Inspector General’s Office of the Treasury Department, and various telecommunication companies.  In my last position, I was Director of Energy, purchasing power for data centers all over the world, ran the energy efficiency program and was the sustainability officer.  Now – I can hear the moans……..  but let’s talk about how many backups you have sitting out in the cloud taking up space! You get my drift – clean up those files!

               There is a reason the MCA has been around for more than 100 years – MCA is effective! MCA gives the community a voice – a non-partisan avenue to communicate with our elected officials and County staff.  Grass root community engagement is key to healthy governance.  As Supervisor Foust has said to me many times, "I don’t know what I don’t know."  The same for MCA.  I urge you to join, if not already a member, and to get involved.  

               Year in and year out MCA focuses on the issues that impact our community.  What is MCA up to this year?  The Education and Youth Committee will collaborate with FCPS staff to improve student projections, address school overcrowding and revamp the criteria used to build the FCPS Capital Improvement Program.  Planning and Zoning and the Tysons Committees are closely monitoring the new office to residential conversion trend.  The Membership Committee continues to leverage technology to make it easier for our members to participate in or watch meetings remotely.  Transportation has been focusing on safe walking paths for our students and other transportation projects. Budget and Taxation will once again host a meeting to review the Proposed County Budget and, via their yearly budget resolution, advocate for competitive salaries for our teachers, police, firefighters and other key talent groups as well as reviewing the budget for best practices.  Public Safety will sponsor public forums featuring our police and firefighters and to support aging in place.

               The bulk of the work of the MCA is done in our committees.  The Committee Reports (included in the Board Monthly Meeting Package) outline what they are working on and upcoming speakers.  This month, the Transportation Committee will have a guest speaker from Fairfax County Department of Transportation who will do a presentation on the McLean CBC (downtown) Transportation Pilot Project.  You do not need to be a committee member to attend a meeting.  Just go to the Committee Page and contact the Committee Chair for instructions on how to join a meeting.

               MCA advocates for you, the residents of the greater McLean area. My question to you is, “What are your concerns?”  I hope to get your input through a survey later this year.  In the meantime, please feel free to send me a note regarding issues impacting you and your community.



Linda Walsh

MCA President