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MCA Hosts Citizen Info Event on Fx Cnty Traffic Calming and Cut Through Traffic Programs

Glenn Harris | Published on 2/23/2024

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The county officials explained that HOAs and communities need to initiate the process by reaching out to their Fairfax County Supervisor's office.  FCDOT will then determine whether the road in question meets eligibility criteria.  If it does, in some cases, the Department will conduct speed or traffic studies to determine need.  An HOA representative explained how his community had recently worked with FCDOT and obtained ballot responses overwhelmingly in support of proposed traffic calming measures. 

The event moderators were Glenn Harris, an MCA Director and the Chair of the MCA Transportation Committee, and Patrick Smaldore, also an MCA Director and the MCA Public Safety Liaison. 
The participating FCDOT officials included Neil Freschman. Chief, Traffic Engineering Section, and Transportation Planners Steve Knudsen, Behnaz Raouf, and Nicole Machacuay.  The panel also included Brian Edmonston, Deputy Chief and Chief Training Officer at the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department, and Natalie Bennett from the Office of the Dranesville District Supervisor, Jimmy Bierman.

FCDOT gave a very informative PowerPoint Presentation and the county officials answered many questions from residents about the two programs.  To watch a video of the event, please click MCA Video Library.  MCA Members who wish to see a copy of the PowerPoint presentation can click 2-21-24 -- FCDOT PowerPoint Presentation re Traffic Calming and Cut-Through Traffic Mitigation.  If you would like additional information about these programs you can go to the FCDOT Residential Traffic Administration Program website at

For more information about this event, please contact MCA Transportation Committee Chair Glenn Harris at