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Representing the Interests of McLean Area Residents For Over a Century

          The McLean Citizens Association (MCA) is a volunteer, non-governmental organization that has served since 1914
          as an unofficial town council for the residents of the McLean Area, which has no governmental structure of its own.
          MCA has provided a forum for McLean area residents to have a voice in resolving community problems and
          county-wide issues affecting the area.

Date: 7/4/2019
Subject: MCA Committee Leaders 2019/2020 -- Website facilities updates
From: Martin Smith

Greetings,  MCA Committee Leader,                         

As I mentioned at the end of last night's Board meeting, we've made some updates to the MCA Website to reflect the new year's MCA Committee Leadership as confirmed by the Board. 

Committee Leaders (Chairs and Vice-Chairs) are given "coordinator" access to Website functions that let them perform the basic updates for which Committees are responsible:  uploading Resolutions and other Committee documents; adding Committee meetings and sponsored events to the Event Calendar; and maintaining the Committee Roster. Standard Coordinator access for Committee Leaders also includes the ability create News items, send emailings, edit Committee pages, look up MCA Members' contact info and a variety of other things. 

"Committee" email addresses ( redirect email sent to these addresses to one or more personal email addresses. This lets the public contact a Committee's leadership without exposing your personal email addresses. These addresses have been updated to redirect messages to the current Chair and Vice-Chair of each Committee so both will receive redirected messages. These addresses appear on the Website's public Contact Us page.    

The MCA Committee Leaders committee roster has been updated. This is a fake committee created just to facilitate communication to Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs as a group. You can address emailings to this "Committee", or send quick, informal emails to all MCA Committee Leaders by selecting the MCA Committee Leaders committee from the Volunteers / Rosters / page and clicking on the "Send Email to Members" button.   

If you have questions on any of the above please feel free to contact me. 



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