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VDOT Presentation on the 495NEXT Project

Published on 3/16/2024

The March 12 meeting included members of the MCA Transportation and Environment, Parks and Recreation Committees, members of the public, and Fairfax County representatives.  VDOT officials and contractors provided an update on the status of the construction project, including a timeline on the construction of sound walls, bridge enhancements over 495, and new access ramps, which are expected to be completed in 2026.  VDOT also discussed some of the efforts to mitigate traffic congestion at intersections near the ramps to 495 including Dead Run Drive and Georgetown Pike.


Additionally, VDOT addressed plans to replace trees and other vegetation on nearby property.  The Agency plans to provide more specific revegetation plans in April 2024.  There was also an extensive discussion about drainage and stormwater management issues.


VDOT advised that it consults regularly with the Maryland Department of Transportation and the Fairfax County Department of Transportation.  According to VDOT, Maryland does not have funding for a new American Legion Memorial Bridge and the Federal Government had denied one of Maryland’s grant applications.


The video recording of the presentation and the Q&A session that followed can be found on the MCA webpage under Videos.  A copy of VDOT’s PowerPoint presentation is also available to MCA members under Documents, Transportation Committee, Gov’t Presentations at TC Meetings.  More information about the 495NEXT project is available at, including an interactive map.