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Published on 9/8/2022

 In that capacity I worked with other US Government agencies, US and foreign aerospace and defense industry, Washington embassies, NATO HQ, American embassies in numerous countries, and foreign governments.  I have a BS in Civil Engineering degree from the New York University Tandon School of Engineering and an MS in Engineering degree from the George Washington University School of Engineering & Applied Science.   After graduation I returned to GWU for post graduate study in behavioral science, economics, and several other fields.  The vast majority of my professional career focused on bringing disparate private and public sector organizations together in ways that benefit all.


How long have you been an MCA member?
I have been a member of the MCA since the Spring of 2021; and was subsequently elected to the MCA Board representing the Signet Condominium.


What is the value of being an MCA member?

I see membership as beneficial for several reasons.  One is to be informed about Fairfax County’s decision-making relevant to McLean.  Another is membership positions me and others to support the work of the MCA given its role of objective influencer working on behalf of the McLean community.


What were the key issues or reasons that you joined MCA?
I was aware of the MCA for many years, but first saw it in action when Fairfax County authorities initiated a dialog, in the summer of 2018, with the local community about the McLean Community Business Center (CBC) plan.  The dialog proceeded for over three years and delivered a creative plan for a 21st Century McLean.  The new McLean will: include a substantial amount of new construction, retain and expand green space, and provide graceful transition from a modest-density business center to surrounding single family home neighborhoods.   The County’s outreach to the larger community was welcome and each of the CBC meetings benefitted from MCA’s active engagement.  With that as background, service on the MCA Board provides a way to contribute to the good work of the MCA in helping build a people-friendly and vibrant McLean.  


Which of our committees have you been a member of/ what issues have you been involved with as a member?
Prior to joining MCA was actively involved throughout the three-year process that produced the McLean Community Business Center plan.  I look forward to engaging on behalf of the MCA in those areas where I can best contribute.


Is there a particular issue that MCA has addressed that has directly impacted you/your community?  
There are a variety of issues ranging from traffic management, new construction, and the larger McLean Community Business Center planning criteria that will ultimately affect the majority of McLean residents and businesses.


What do you like most about MCA/advice for potential members who are considering joining MCA?

The MCA Board is composed of an eclectic mix of professionals, all motivated to identify ongoing and future initiatives affecting McLean’s infrastructure and its residents.  Their efforts: are generally well received by Fairfax County authorities, alert authorities when a proposed plan includes negatives that may not be readily evident and provide constructive alternatives for consideration.  Lastly, McLean’s residents and businesses appreciate MCA’s engagement and influence on their behalf.