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Scott Spitzer | Published on 7/13/2022


  • The draft Strategic Plan would delete “assisting community organizations” from the Mission Statement. The assistance, support and provision of facilities and meeting spaces for MCA and other community and civic organizations that are organized by, and serve, Small District 1-A Dranesville residents is an essential part of the mission of the MCC.
  • The MCC is not only a place for MCC to organize and present programs and events, but it’s a place for community organizations themselves to create and offer programs to the

    Small District 1-A Dranesville community.

  • The Plan should reaffirm that MCC’s longstanding priority goal is on providing programs and events for Small District 1-A Dranesville residents whose property surtaxes fund the MCC’s budget.
  • The Plan should be more specific in its language and describe in detail how the MCC’s goals will be achieved. This should include disclosure of baseline assessment metrics that were performed and definition of the intention of the goals so that they can be measured.
  • The Plan should provide a more detailed objective, strategy and tactics as to how MCC will be able to financially support the Plan as needed.
  • The Plan should have as a principal goal enhanced financial transparency and responsibility.
  • The Plan should reaffirm MCC’s longstanding practice of focusing programming and providing discounts on programming to Small District 1-A Dranesville residents; and the draft’s goal of diversifying the revenue mix should not entail de-emphasizing Small District 1-A Dranesville-centric programs or events.
  • The Plan should clarify what is intended by an “expanded footprint” and “partner organizations”.

Click here to access the letter:  MCA Letter to MCC Governing Board of draft Strategic Plan 7.07.2022.

A video of the MCA Board of Directors July Meeting is available in the MCA's Video Library.  Discussion of the MCA's draft letter commenting on the MCC's draft Strategic Plan starts at 1 hour 29minutes into the recorded meeting.