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Published on 7/7/2022
3)How long have you been an MCA member?

I joined MCA two years ago and applied to be on the board that first year. I represent the Langley Oaks HOA.

3)What is the value of being an MCA member?

Involvement in the MCA is the best way to stay informed of community concerns. 

4)What were the key issues or reasons that you joined MCA?

I’m very involved with my children’s school, Girl Scouts and McLean athletics, but I had little knowledge of the community otherwise. I feel very well-rounded and aware of key issues now. 

5)Which of our committees have you been a member of/ what issues have you been involved with as a member?

I’m a member of the Governance and Education and Youth Committees. I’ve especially enjoyed the guest speakers during those committee and MCA board meetings. Having the opportunity to listen to and question community leaders has been wonderful. Through MCA, I’ve had multiple opportunities to question and interact with key Fairfax County education leaders.

6)Is there a particular issue that MCA has addressed that has directly impacted you/your community?  

My primary interest is in education, but I’ve enjoyed and benefited from discussions on fiscal, economic development and VDOT issues during committee and board meetings. 

7)What do you like most about MCA/advice for potential members who are considering joining MCA?

Given the low cost of membership and the limitless benefits of joining MCA, I’d encourage anyone in McLean to do so. We’re all really busy and joining more organizations with more meetings can feel overwhelming and unnecessary. However, with MCA membership, one can get very involved with several committees or just narrow in on a specific interest. So many of our board members have many years of MCA experience and institutional knowledge of McLean, which is incredibly valuable!