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Published on 6/2/2022

4)What were the key issues or reasons that you joined MCA?

I am a Homeowners Association (HOA) representative. So initially I was just serving on behalf of my HOA. But over time I have learned that information gathering on behalf of the larger McLean community is a worthwhile endeavor.

5)Which of our committees have you been a member of/ what issues have you been involved with as a member?

I have really enjoyed working on P&Z. I had the good fortune of being mentored by Scott Spitzer and Ron Bleeker on my first project. They gently helped me learn the P&Z ropes. Currently I am monitoring the LCOR McLean Crossing project at 123 and Anderson Rd. What goes around comes around. When I first moved to McLean in 2009 I lived in the McLean Commons apartments. LCOR owns the McLean Commons and they basically are trying to figure out the best use of the parcel now that the Silver line is right there.

6)Is there a particular issue that MCA has addressed that has directly impacted you/your community?  

Yeah, that is sort of funny. My own P&Z committee and the MCA weighed in on the Valo Park project, otherwise known as the USA Today/Gannett building in Tysons. I live and represent the McLean Hamlet. Before I got involved in MCA my HOA was concerned/upset about the signage proposed by the new owners of the USA Today building. Little did I know at the time that we were negotiating with Valo Park that MCA had weighed in on that endeavor.