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What is the Tyson’s Anchor Development Organization Initiative?

Sally K Horn | Published on 4/20/2022

What is the Tyson’s Anchor Development Organization Initiative?


On Thursday, April 14, Evan Braff, Countywide Coordinator in the County Executive’s Office, discussed the County’s effort to look beyond today’s organizational framework and goals for achieving the Tysons vision and to consider models for the future. Joining Evan in briefing the GTCC were three members of the public-private working group that has been examining the matter since July 2021:  Linda Samuels, a resident of Tysons, and Rich Bradley and Drew Sunderland from the Tysons Partnership. The recording of the meeting is posted in the MCA Video Library.  MCA members may access the briefing charts and related materials in the Tysons Committee section of the Documents Library on this website.


According to the speakers, the proposed anchor organization would have a 40-member Board that would include private sector members (51%), and stakeholders representing the public sector, residents, and institutional partners (49%).  It would focus on four broad areas:  communications and branding, placemaking and place management, transportation and mobility, and research and business support.  The funding model envisioned calls for a flexible, dedicated and predictable funding stream (likely on the order of $3-4 M). While no firm timetable was presented, in the coming months and into next year, the plan is to continue public outreach, seek Board of Supervisors’ support and endorsement (including of a funding model), and begin to create the organization infrastructure.