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Sally K Horn | Published on 12/13/2021
On December 9, County Planner Beth Elliott and County Deputy Director of Planning and Development Chris Caperton briefed the Greater Tysons Citizens Coalition on Fairfax County’s new on-line tools to monitor implementation of the 2010 Tysons Comprehensive Plan and the Supervisors’ Follow-on Motions. The briefing is available in the MCA Video Library.

The Tysons Tracker is an interactive platform that provides a wide range of information about land use changes, transportation improvements, environmental stewardship, public facilities, parks and other development activity and implementation efforts in Tysons. The included data shows development levels in Tysons are generally keeping pace with Comprehensive Plan goals. It will be updated annually, or more frequently if needed in the future. The Tracker includes a link to reporting on the status of Tysons' Follow-on Motions.
To view the Tysons Tracker, visit: