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Tysons Recovering From Pandemic

Sally K Horn | Published on 10/15/2021

Tysons Recovering From Pandemic


On October 14, Providence District Supervisor Dalia Palchik, Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Executive Vice President (FCEDA VP) Alex Iams, and Tysons Partnership President and CEO Sol Glasner discussed how the pandemic has affected growth in and policies related to Tysons with the Greater Tysons Citizens Coalition (GTCC).  Each commented on the progress that has been made toward achieving the Tysons vision since the adoption of the Tysons Comprehensive Plan ten years ago and the challenges and opportunities ahead. 


In her remarks, Supervisor Palchik addressed how the pandemic has focused public and private attention on the need to increase housing, transit, and open space options.  She noted what Fairfax County already has done and is contemplating in these areas to better serve Tysons and to reduce traffic congestion in Tysons and the surrounding communities.  She also noted that in her discussions and canvassing of current and prospective residents, improving walkability within Tysons was at the top of their lists of desired and needed improvements. 


While noting that there had been some hesitancy by the business community to expand or move operations during the height of the pandemic, FCEDA VP Alex Iams said that interest in Tysons as a place to do business is continuing to grow.   More businesses are actively exploring their options, albeit with modifications to their business models regarding office space, in-person work requirements, and amenities.  


Tysons Partnership President and CEO Sol Glasner provided insights into how far Tysons has come in the last ten years and how COVID has affected the pace of growth in Tysons for all sectors of the Tysons community.  He agreed with Supervisor Palchik on the importance of creating more housing options to attract more middle- and lower-income residents to Tysons, increasing access to public transportation for workers outside of Tysons who are not close to Metro stations, improving walkability, and continuing to develop creative solutions to providing public spaces.  He also urged the public and private communities to take the lessons learned over the last ten years and during COVID into account as they plot the path forward for Tysons.


To learn more, check out the video recording of their presentations in MCA’s video library.