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Boro Extension Project Coming to Tysons

Kent Holland | Published on 9/12/2021

If you have driven west on Route 7 past the Pike Seven Plaza recently you may have noticed that the building that has long housed the National Association of Automobile Dealers (NADA) is being demolished.  It will be replaced by the Meridian Group with a set of four buildings ranging in height from 75 feet to 201 feet. The MCA passed a resolution at its September Board meeting supporting the applications of three applicants to rezone that property.  This will be an extension of the Boro that currently houses the Whole Foods store, the ICON movie theater and several condominium and apartment buildings, as well as retail stores including several restaurants. 


The Boro Extension will include a continuing care facility, two residential buildings, and either a Health Club or a triplex multi-family housing complex.  The applicants will be constructing three new roads though the 9.37 acre property. They will also be constructing five parks on site, and they will be contributing funding to be utilized for future construction of an off-site athletic playing field.   The applicants demonstrated that they are consistent with the Tysons Comprehensive Plan that recommends that the land be Residential Mixed Use, with the overall mix of uses being 84% residential/continuing care and 16% retail and health club, or it will be 95% residential/continuing care and 5% retail if the multi-family housing is constructed.  Use this link to access the approved resolution - PZ Boro Extension Resolution.