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MCA Passes Resolution on the McLean Central Park Development Concept

EP&R Committee | Published on 7/16/2021

MCA Passes Resolution on McLean Central Park Development Concept

July 7, 2021


On July 7th, the MCA Board approved a Resolution on the McLean Central Park Development Concept. The approved resolution is available in MCA's Document Library or you can use this link - Resolution on McLean Central Park Development Concept.  The Resolution, which follows a June 3rd MCA Board-approved letter from President Rob Jackson to the Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) expressing multiple concerns with the Development Concept process and substance, states that MCA opposes the proposed new amphitheater, to be located at the corner of Ingleside Road and Dolley Madison Boulevard, due to lack of demonstrated need and redundancy with nearby amphitheaters and performance venues, adverse impact on the environment due to loss of green space and tree canopy, and negative effects on the adjacent residential neighborhood from noise, traffic, and parking demand impacts associated with future amphitheater events.

The MCA Environmental Parks and Recreation Committee encourages  MCA members and concerned Homeowners and Civic Associations  to submit comments in support of the resolution to the comment inbox.

The Resolution asks that the FCPA further extend the comment period beyond July 30, 2021, conduct a full communication and coordination process with the McLean community to assess the views of McLean residents, including a survey and posted notices to increase awareness of FCPA’s proposed changes to the park. The Resolution also asks the FCPA to conduct impact analyses of traffic, parking, noise, light, and restroom demand associated with the proposed amphitheater, and, rather than adding redundant built environment to the ecologically-sensitive park, to focus instead on improving the existing Gazebo, which has close ties to the McLean community and already hosts popular outdoor summer concerts on the lawn.

The Resolution also notes that park maintenance is severely in need of improvement and asks FCPA to provide much-needed maintenance of existing park facilities and green spaces and commit to adequate maintenance of any features to be added to the park. The Resolution further notes the lack of safe pedestrian access from the other side of Dolley Madison Boulevard and asks FCPA to work with other county agencies to provide a safe above-grade level access bridge for pedestrians and bicycles, regardless of whether the amphitheater is eventually built. The Resolution discusses concerns about the Revised Development Concept that have been raised by at least one nearby homeowners association, the tennis playing community due to the proposed elimination of one of the heavily used tennis courts, and supporters of a dog park.